Frequently Asked Questions


Are you properly trained?
I have been professionally trained receiving a degree in Broadcasting and Cable from Penn State University, have prior work experience as an “on the air” (WILQ / WLYC) reporter and announcer, and have been employed by major mobile entertainment companies in both the Indianapolis and Orlando markets.

Do you have experience?
I have 18+ years of experience as a DJ working first in Central Indiana then Central Florida, and now in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania. I have performed at venues such as the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World, Circle City Hilton in downtown Indianapolis, The Genetti Hotel in Williamsport, and hundreds more. Often a private residence or backyard was the venue of choice for countless happy party throwers.

What makes On Aar Productions different from the others?
Our goal is to make the client the star of the show. We pledge to never steal the spotlight from a bride, yet provide her and her new husband, along with all their family and friends, with a fun filled event that has everyone leaving the party with a smile and saying, “What a great party, I had such a great time!”. We strive to include your ideas by pre-planning, so you do not have a reception just like the wedding you went to last month.

What type of music will you play?
All of our recordings and CD’s are legitimately acquired and of the highest digital quality available. We carry approximately 15,000 song titles with us covering all music styles and eras, to nearly every event.

Why do you ask for a Don’t Play List?
We always ask for a Don’t Play List from our clients because music that is offensive or disliked by one may be enjoyed greatly by another. Obviously this is a very subjective topic. New releases are often obtained through our professional subscription service to Promo Only. This allows us to follow in mainstream radio’s footsteps by playing titles recorded for professional broadcasting only. This means if it bleeped out on the radio, it will be bleeped out at your party.

Can you just play my music and I will download it for you?
If for any reason we do not have a particular song that you would like to hear, we will be happy to play that song from your legitimately acquired CD or other media. We pride ourselves in encouraging dancing and filling your dance floor with smiling guests. With this in mind, a pre-programmed evening often leaves the evening to chance. Our ability to read the crowd and make adjustments as necessary typically leads to a more packed dance floor, and more fun for you and your guests.

What if your sound system is too loud?
The equipment we purchase and use is professional high output audio equipment. We understand sound quality and volume to be two very different things. We simply cannot please every guest with their own personal volume control, but accommodate the majority of guests to allow for conversation, dancing, announcements, and dining at appropriate times. If ever our volume level is not to your liking, simply tell the DJ and it will be adjusted immediately.

Can we use the DJ’s microphone?
Our systems include two microphones. We carry one wireless Shure True Diversity microphone for your toast or announcements, and one corded microphone for the DJ. Both can be used simultaneously to allow for introductions of guests or speakers.

What if you play music I don't like?
You and your guests come first, not the DJ. We will play your requests.

How will the DJ be dressed?
In a tuxedo, unless requested otherwise.

Does the DJ eat my guest’s food? Will he drink?
No drinking of adult beverages will take place while playing for you and your guests. We will not forget that we are working and therefore cannot “break” for a meal. However, you may wish to provide a meal if so inclined, but it is not required. It will not go unappreciated!

How much is it?
We do understand the budgeting aspect of party planning and strive to provide excellent service. Please visit our packages page for the best values. Current pricing or quotations are available by phone.

Do I have to tip the DJ?
Tipping is not required. Again, it will not go unappreciated!

Are you licensed to do business?
Because I operate a legitimate, professional company, I feel this is crucial. The same goes for insurance. I am both licensed and carry full liability insurance for everyone's protection.